A safe vacation

Hotel Relais Forti was completely built from the ground up after the earthquake that hit Umbria in 1997, and in particular the areas of Foligno and Assisi. We decided to rebuild and not to restructure precisely because our first goal is the safety of our guests. We relied on the most modern anti-seismic techniques to rebuild everything from scratch on the old perimeter, expanding our structure, at the same time to provide our guests with more amenities. As you can see from our gallery, we personally participated in the construction of our Relais, taking photos that testify to the accuracy and safety with which the structure was built.

We can thus give our guests with peace of mind, as they deservedly relax in our region.


The photos in our gallery may not be perfect from a quality point of view because they were taken by us between 2002 and 2003 and then scanned, so that they could be viewed by our site’s visitors. This proves even more the truthfulness, seriousness and accuracy with which reconstruction works were carried out, since we used even more anti-seismic material than relevant statutory provisions in force call for.